Chris Horner To Ride For Airgas-Safeway Team For The 2015 Season

Chris Horner will ride for team Airgas-Safeway for the 2015 season. Horner said that he is very happy to join the team. He said that he had achieved a lot in his career for which he is proud. He said that the next part of his career will be all about giving back to the sport of Cycling and not about winning accolades for himself.

Horner said that he had quite some options at hand but he chose Airgas-Safeway because the team gives young riders chances for becoming successful. Chris Johnson, the principal of the continental team Airgas-Safeway said that Chris Horner joining the team will not only be very beneficial for the team but also the American Cycling Fans will love it. Johnson said that the team’s younger riders getting a chance to ride with Chris Horner is in many ways like a dream come true for them.  Chris Horner said that he would like to ride with enthusiastic young cyclists and also said that he is looking forward to sharing his experience and tips with those riders throughout the upcoming season. Continue reading “Chris Horner To Ride For Airgas-Safeway Team For The 2015 Season”

Raised status for Alesandro Petacchi

History in the making of Alesandro Petacchi for the Giro d’ Italia is on way. Team trial is due and it will be history if he wins the tour. It will be oldest winner on the stage henceforth. The tour of home is going to begin and as far as his victories are concerned he became victorious at the age of 29.

He has 22 victories of the stage and five were not to be found due to the situation of doping. He won against Cavendish which was fruitful. If he manages to triumph this year at the age of 40 then he will be at the top. He had set the record straight years back when he triumphed against other riders. It was due to the loss of effort from Cavendish which made Petacchi took over the result. Petacchi is witnessing rivals against younger riders who are striving it hard to win. It is a herculean task but certainly not impossible. Courage and dedication are required to win and succeed. Until 2014 he has been hailed as the winner of Omega Pharma. He is a great sprinter and is known throughout for his performance.

He states that he has a different role to play within the team. His necessity is to be useful towards the team and not a dormant performer. He realizes his responsibility and tries to achieve whatever is given to him with heart and soul. He also has the task to inspire the young riders as they take cue from him. He is also grateful that he has been able to undertake thrills in his career and perform diligently. He is grateful towards the team and the board for continuously praising him and offering him whatever reward he is capable of in the entire situation.