Chris Horner To Ride For Airgas-Safeway Team For The 2015 Season

Chris Horner will ride for team Airgas-Safeway for the 2015 season. Horner said that he is very happy to join the team. He said that he had achieved a lot in his career for which he is proud. He said that the next part of his career will be all about giving back to the sport of Cycling and not about winning accolades for himself.

Horner said that he had quite some options at hand but he chose Airgas-Safeway because the team gives young riders chances for becoming successful. Chris Johnson, the principal of the continental team Airgas-Safeway said that Chris Horner joining the team will not only be very beneficial for the team but also the American Cycling Fans will love it. Johnson said that the team’s younger riders getting a chance to ride with Chris Horner is in many ways like a dream come true for them.  Chris Horner said that he would like to ride with enthusiastic young cyclists and also said that he is looking forward to sharing his experience and tips with those riders throughout the upcoming season.

Horner won the 2013 Vuelta a Espana. He became the oldest rider to win a Grand Tour. He is now 43 years old. The Italian Road Cycling team, Lampre-Merida excluded Horner from the team after letting him ride for the team for only one season. There has been speculation about which team Horner would join next after Lampre-Merida did not extend their contract with him But Horner didn’t say anything in this regard during that time. Horner used to ride for Trek Factory Racing before winning the 2013 Vuelta a Espana. After winning the Grand Tour he was excluded from the team and after that he joined Lampre-Merida.

Horner was training for 2014 Giro d’Italia in Italy and there he was hit by a car in a tunnel. He recovered and rode in Tour de France. Due to his injuries he was unable to defend his Vuelta a Espana title.