Documentary Film On David Millar

David Millar and his professional cycling career have definitely had its ups and downs.

The farewell film that has been made in his career has showcased his career well and has gained popularity in the cycling community, named a Time Trial. It documents how his powers as a sportsman started to wane, which was probably the reason he was dropped out of Tour de France in 2014 which was scheduled to be his last participation in the grand race. The first half of the film is all nice and sundry after which it all turns to dust is what David Millar has to say about the film. The comment might not be a judgment against the making of the film but what it showcases. It was indeed the time when he was supposed to end his career in an honorable way but his plans simply fell apart.

The movie showcases his despair when, at the age of 37, he realizes that he does not have the strength to go on anymore. This from a champion who had won the leader’s jersey in the three grand tours of Spain, Italy and France.

However, this kind of prelude to finding themselves reaching the end of their prime is something that is not rare among athletes. Few would be fortunate to not have faced such a realization when they were nearing the end of their prime. The final season, Millar was being filmed live as he trained for the upcoming Tour de France in 2014. The most dramatic was the decision of the team directors to get him off the squad that year, which dashed his hopes of ending it in a grand manner. The team had taken the decision based on selecting the best nine riders who were at the top of their performance levels but it hurt him all the same.