Raised status for Alesandro Petacchi

History in the making of Alesandro Petacchi for the Giro d’ Italia is on way. Team trial is due and it will be history if he wins the tour. It will be oldest winner on the stage henceforth. The tour of home is going to begin and as far as his victories are concerned he became victorious at the age of 29.

He has 22 victories of the stage and five were not to be found due to the situation of doping. He won against Cavendish which was fruitful. If he manages to triumph this year at the age of 40 then he will be at the top. He had set the record straight years back when he triumphed against other riders. It was due to the loss of effort from Cavendish which made Petacchi took over the result. Petacchi is witnessing rivals against younger riders who are striving it hard to win. It is a herculean task but certainly not impossible. Courage and dedication are required to win and succeed. Until 2014 he has been hailed as the winner of Omega Pharma. He is a great sprinter and is known throughout for his performance.

He states that he has a different role to play within the team. His necessity is to be useful towards the team and not a dormant performer. He realizes his responsibility and tries to achieve whatever is given to him with heart and soul. He also has the task to inspire the young riders as they take cue from him. He is also grateful that he has been able to undertake thrills in his career and perform diligently. He is grateful towards the team and the board for continuously praising him and offering him whatever reward he is capable of in the entire situation.

Cycling In Need Of Funds From The House of Commons

It is largely due to the efforts of MP who has demanded more people to get to the cycling mode from the House of Commons. Ben Bradshaw urged cyclists around the world to enable funding. He feels that at least in his community people are concerned with bikes. They cannot deliver properly due to lack of funds.

Their teams have done exceedingly well in the Olympics yet there need to be more urge for the young generation to maintain the constituency. Speaking about investing in cycling the government of UK does not do so sincerely. According to Bradshaw it is the successive governments which have a different approach to cycling. Funding is been granted but all here and there. Reasonable job is required from all the MPs and in the recent years the glory which was enjoyed in England was something unmatchable. It just requires a bit of investment from the government itself.

A revolution is what they yearn for as far as cycling is concerned. The best practise is what the government yearns for. The government is trying its level best to ensure better promotion and skills of the cycling. It also promotes the sport of cycling in a way as supposed to. Local authorities as well as the House of Commons are trying their best effort to claim what they demand from the cyclist and the youngsters who are keen to take up cycling as a sport.

Better equipments will also be available if the cyclist has good cycles and they handle it in a dignified way. Some of the cyclist cannot afford to purchase expensive cycles and this is where governments role come into the picture. Dire consequences are also felt if the cyclist does not follow the rules as per the norms of the policies.

Froome has no regret being 2nd at Vuelta Espana

The 2014 Tour France might have been a bad experience for the former defending but Froome is again back to his stellar state with the 4th Grand Tour this Sunday. The 2013 Tour France champion declared that he is quite happy and has no regrets with his 2nd position at the Vuelta Espana.

It was Alberto Contador who took away the wining trophy by being ahead of Froome by 70 seconds. Interestingly, both Contador & Froome could not perform at this year’s Tour France given broken tibia & fractured hand and wrist respectively.

Both the riders thus embarked on 2014 Vuelta with considerable question-marks on their overall fitness condition. Whilst Alberto shows a faster recovery, both he & Froome were not in their original stellar fitness in the race.

Froome, who came 2nd & 4th in Vuelta 2011 & 2014 respectively, returned to the 2nd spot in 2014 season post an uneven commencement to the famous Grand Tour of Spain- he lost out on time in team time-trial & even more during mid-race individual racing.

But after that the Sky rider has been steadily rising – however, has been defeated by Contador in most of the occasions.

“I really really gave the race everything I had. He was way better to me”, remarked Froome while approached to speak a few lines at Ancares’ summit finish where he lost out by 15 secs. to the Spaniard.

“I feel that given how I have been able to race here, I could not be with my result this time. I did not know whether I would be fighting for top ten, for the race podium & for the triumph. So, it has really rendered a wealth of motivation to move forward”, added in the eminent Brit cyclist.

Rock Hill prepped up to house riding national championships

Rock Hill is reportedly prepping up to host the riding national championships. The esteemed event will take place at Giordana Velodrome.

The velodrome, which is located off the Cherry Road, has been picked as the site for American Elite Track Cycling National Championships which is slated to start o August 12 & would continue till 17th.

Warm-ups start every day right from 8 in the morning and continue till 5:30 p.m. The day events are scheduled to start from 9 in the morning and the evening events are to begin from 6:30 p.m.

These events are the part of American National Cycling Championship events which are hosted around the country. Elite Track Div. is the pro level event for riders aged between 18 – 35.

“There are contestants from almost every state of the country”, stated Thad Fischer, the riding co-ordinator for Rock Hill city.

As per Fischer’s reports, the spectators can actually “get close to races & up-close to action.”

“The bright illumination on track in the night time makes it all the more exciting”, he remarked.

Cyclists on Tuesday & Wednesday would compete in Omnium, riding’s counterpart to field & track’s decathalon. The participants would be competing in 5 disciplines & the athlete bagging best overall points would be the winner.

Other cycling events slated for this week are individual pursuit racing event on Thursday, the team pursuit & sprint races on Friday as well as Keirin & Madison races on Saturday and scratch races & team sprints on Sunday.

The championship awards would be extended all through the week, at diverse events. In case there is any question of shower, the events might get pushed back or delayed but there won’t be any issue of cancellation, confirmed Fischer.

Apology Won’t Easy Tour France Pain: Gerrans

Crowd congestion and continuous selfie mania have posed huge problems for the Tour France 2014 riders and Simon Gerrans is one among the unfortunate victims of unreasonable behavior of the crowd that led Mark Cavendish forcing him to a sad crash.

Cavendish was human enough to apologize to the GreenEDGE Aussie rider – though Gerrans is  happy with Mark’s apology yet he regrets that fact that the crash dismantled his dream for the coveted yellow jersey at the Tour this year.

The Aussie national champ was focused to win on the yellow jersey at the 2nd stage of Tour France that ran to Sheffield yet only ended up struggling with bruised ribs & bad injuries. It was the Astana rider Vincenzo Nibali who went on to win on the desired yellow jersey at the second stage of the world’s most highly honored race.

Post finishing around a couple of minutes off pace, Gerrans was asked whether Cavendish’s apology could bring some solace to his disappointment. He replied in negative.

“No, it’s because the pain would be staying for many more days actually”, remarked the number one rider from Orica GreenEDGE. “I am presently into huge pain”.

However, the Aussie champ has publicly appreciated Cavendish’s note of courtesy who himself is out from the championship given a bad crash.

“Yes, it is that Mark acknowledged his fault but it won’t be able to erase much of my pain as Tour France was meant to beget good opportunities for me.”

Cavendish unfortunately came up with a badly dislocated collarbone & admitted that his attempt to find gap was wrong.

Matt White, sports director from GreenEDGE is furious over the fact that UCI did not take actions against Brit sprint sensation.

According to White Neil Stephens (fellow director) had discussions with UCI with the demand for an explanation but the cycling governing body couldn’t really offer one.

Building Great Things From Ash

After a long wait, the news of Armstrong being banned from the sports for using performance enhancing substances was finally released in October 2012 and hit Doug Ulman hard. He was forced to clean up the mess Armstrong had made. It was hard for him to process that his close friend Armstrong would ever do such a thing and would take three months to apologize to the staff of Livestrong after they had supported him for months.

Doug Ulman, president and CEO of the Livestrong foundation after facing betrayal from close friend Lance Armstrong had to go his own way and pick up the pieces that Armstrong had left behind.

Doug Ulman had initially started with a career in running. However it was short lived as he was diagnosed with bone cancer and melanoma. Thankfully he was cured from both. It inspired him to launch Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. He was then discovered by Lance Armstrong who had his own project. They came together to form the Livestrong Foundation.

The two cancer survivors had always been close friends and Ulman always stood up for Armstrong. No one really knows if he was oblivious to the fact or was purposely avoiding the truth but he had to come face to face with it after the report in October 2012.

After Armstrong’s debacle, Livestrong lost some of its most important sponsors. It also continued to lose revenue and 13 out of the 100 employees of Livestrong resigned.  Armstrong’s deceit however helped Ulman to start dream bigger and focus the foundation on the cancer patient survivors for whom it was founded. Though it wasn’t as large scale as before, it was definitely more pure and humble.

One thing Armstrong has indirectly helped in doing was making a possibility for Livestrong to become something different if not fix what it was. It may just become stronger than the original Livestrong.