Documentary Film On David Millar

David Millar and his professional cycling career have definitely had its ups and downs.

The farewell film that has been made in his career has showcased his career well and has gained popularity in the cycling community, named a Time Trial. It documents how his powers as a sportsman started to wane, which was probably the reason he was dropped out of Tour de France in 2014 which was scheduled to be his last participation in the grand race. The first half of the film is all nice and sundry after which it all turns to dust is what David Millar has to say about the film. The comment might not be a judgment against the making of the film but what it showcases. It was indeed the time when he was supposed to end his career in an honorable way but his plans simply fell apart.

The movie showcases his despair when, at the age of 37, he realizes that he does not have the strength to go on anymore. This from a champion who had won the leader’s jersey in the three grand tours of Spain, Italy and France.

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Alberto Contador – Rising Legend

The result of fair competition is obviously unpredictable. But, that was really a tough round in the biting heat of the sun when the rising legend was about the win the highly reputed cycling tournament of France. Alberto Contador grabbed a tight grip on cycling career right from the moment he crossed the victory line of the 2007 Tour De France. Alberto was an enthusiast for cycling right from his childhood. But, it is very said most of his fans are still unaware of his early life.

Alberto Contador natively belonged to Community of Madrid in the small town of Pinto. Right from his early days, he saw a middle class family life with his four siblings. During the age of 14, he started cycling as his hobby. Fortunately, he was so good at cycling that he started racing at the age of 15 years. Although, the races were at amateur level, these races paved the way for his professional career at later stages. An interesting thing to reveal here is the support of his elder brother who encouraged him to take cycling to pro level. Continue reading “Alberto Contador – Rising Legend”

Contardo unsure of participating at the Ardennes

Though Spanish cycling star Alberto Contardo managed to achieve podium spot at the 176 km, one day Clasika Primavera event, he is weary and is not sure whether he will be starting at the Ardennes Classics later this month or not.

Movistar’s Rui Costa emerged as the winner at the Clasika Primavera event and though Contardo launched a full attack in the final climb, he managed to get only the third place in the end.

Talking about his performance at the Clasika Primavera, Contardo said “I attacked in the last climb and at a point of time there was only Beñat Intxausti (Movistar) and me, but they caught up only with 25 meters remaining and I could only get a third place. It was a pity”

About being weary, the rider said, “My legs are aching and my body feels fatigued. However, though we did not win, we really had a lot of fun”

He added, “Following Basque Country, I am feeling really tired. I’m racing from January, when the season. Since as a rider I am always putting myself out there for a fight, I did so though there was no adequate ground for a fight. However, I did well though I had to pay for it later on”.

The challenging and rough week at Basque Country was made tougher by the cold temperatures and the rains which were punishing, to say the least. Contardo has said that he is unsure whether he will participate in Ardennes Classics at the end of the month or not.

Contador had his eyes on the Liège-Bastogne-Liège (April 21) and the Flèche Wallonne (April 17) and his ultimate objective is to win this year’s Tour de France, so he said that he will be taking a few days off to consider and weigh his options.