Young Cyclist’s Dream Shatters By Israel

Alaa ad-Dali 21 year old was among the recipients of 1,100 bicycles Turkey sends as gifts to the Gaza Strip, which helps to improve cycling as a sport in Palestinian territory under Israeli blockade. Ad-Dali worked hard for two years to become a long distance cyclist as it was a childhood dream, but he didn’t know dreams would come crashing when he joined the Roth March of Return activists.

The young cyclist rallying on the Gaza was on a six-week protest that will end in May. As-Dali told Anadolu Agency(AA) that “I was in athlete’s uniform and visiting tent of protestors when an Israeli bullet hit me and feeling like electrocuted and in a pool of blood” He was recounting the moments when a bullet hit him in the right leg.

He was badly injured and taken to a nearby hospital where all the people were flooded and he had to wait for three hours for his treatment and admitted to intensive care and he spent two days. He underwent eight surgeries and doctor was to save his leg, but all went in futile. Ad-Dali feels like that all his dreams were shattered and don’t know he can rebuild them or not, only if he have a prosthetic leg and can fly high and all this time will tell if he can resume his career or not.
Ad-Dali was riding since eight and had won several medals and was hoping to win more and it was grateful to Turkey they help us to realize the dreams. He was counting on country treatment and suffering from a shortage of medical treatment. Siblings were transferred from age one to nine for his prosthetic legs.
Cycling is few fledging sports athletes in Gaza. Egypt, who controls the border with Gaza, prevented them from leaving for Jordan for another competition.